Providing the future of high quality food

Our mission is to provide fresh and healthy food products for every consumer. We focus on providing high quality products and strive to inspire good eating habits through them.

About the company

15 years ago, we started providing fresh and healthy food for everyone. 

Our expertise is chilled and frozen foods using High Pressure Processing technology.

Our experience allows us to deliver products without added sugar, additives or preservatives. 

We produce and distribute frozen avocado productsjuicesfrozen tropical fruits and fruit pulps.

The nature and the quality of our products can clearly explain the choice of our brand name. The name world’s garden implies that all our products are made with 100% fresh ingredients from mother nature.

To reach all consumers we have created two brands:

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Freshmex is specialized in Avocado products, juices, frozen fruits and fruit pulps dedicated to restaurants, wholesalers, and the foodservice industry. 

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Unlike Freshmex, Freshzilla is focused on retail and cash & carry. Avocado productsjuices, and fruit sticks are products under this brand. 

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Avocado products are the core of our business!


We like to inspire using avocados in all kinds of dishes by ensuring the same quality of Hass avocados ripened to perfection throughout the entire year without worrying about price fluctuations.
Our R&D team spends a lot of time in our test kitchen to create, innovate, and optimize the products to give you the best quality possible.
We make the task easier for you as we have all the avocado formats that will suit your need: avocado halves, avocado dices, smashed avocado, and guacamole.

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Phone: (+44) 208 638 7403


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