Six mistakes you should avoid for a perfect guacamole

six mistakes to avoid when making guacamole

Guacamole can be a very easy to make sauce. It doesn’t require much effort or time, and it tastes absolutely delicious. However, you need to avoid some mistakes to get that perfect guacamole.

This sauce originated from Mexico became popular in the early 1990s. When the Californian avocado farmers were looking for a way to market their product. They couldn’t find something better than guacamole. This rich yet healthy dip for crisps and snacks, perfect to have while watching American football. 

With the rise of clean eating in the beginning of 2013. Avocado recipes started popping everywhere in the world, especially when the avocado toast became viral through social media. 

Now that we know a little bit about how guacamole became popular. Let’s dive into the six mistakes that we should avoid to make the perfect guacamole.

1- Using overripe or too green avocados

One of the main mistakes is the choice of avocados. To make a perfect guacamole, You need to chose your avocados carefully. However, the color of the skin is not the only indicator of a good avocado. Luckily there are tips that you can use to pick the right ones. 

Sometimes we will find guacamole made with overripe or too green avocados, which makes guacamole taste bad either way. To have a great dip for your nachos, avocados must be just right, neither too hard or too ripe.

best avocado

2- Not removing the brown parts from the avocados

Finding the perfect avocados can be tough sometimes. That said, you can still use these flawed ones for your guacamole. Just be sure to remove all the brown parts. This won’t make a difference in the taste, but it will definitely do in the look. Your guacamole will have an unpleasant color if you don’t remove them.

Brown ripe avocado

3- Mashing your avocados too much 

The beauty of guacamole is the visible parts of avocado. When preparing guacamole, use a fork and not a food processor, and work quickly, so it won’t turn out brownish. You also want to avoid mashing it too much, in order to get a nice chunky guacamole with detectable avocado pieces.

Chunky guacamole

4- Ingredients at different temperatures

You just brought avocados from the supermarket, and you decide to make guacamole using the tomatoes from your fridge. Unfortunately, that’s not a good idea! As it will give a weird texture to your guacamole, and the taste won’t be that great. Make sure that your ingredients are at the same temperature before preparing your salsa.

Guacamole ingredients

5- Adding too much of lemon juice

Preparing guacamole without mistakes also lies in the amount of lemon that is added. The lemon juice is used to give it a sour touch, and prevent it from oxidizing. However, adding too much will bitter the flavor of your guacamole. 

A pro tip: Use Lime juice instead of lemon juice for a more authentic flavor

guacamole lime juice

6- Not seasoning properly 

For someone who hasn’t tried guacamole before. Eating a blend one will make them very disappointed after all the positive things they’ve heard about this sauce. The seasoning plays a crucial role in the success of the guacamole. So make sure to add the right amount of salt. It’s called salsa for a reason, so it needs to be quite concentrated to enjoy it. 

Guacamole seasoning

We can still use the exact same ingredients to prepare guacamole but we definitely wouldn’t have the same taste. That’s why people often wonder why they can’t have the same flavor wherever they go. To get the perfect guacamole, all you need is practice and of course avoid the mistakes we have mentioned above. There might be other mistakes that we didn’t mention in this article, we would like to hear them from you.