News – 5 reasons to buy prepared avocado products instead of raw avocado

Five reasons to buy prepared avocado products instead of raw avocado


With the trends of leading a healthy lifestyle, the consumption of avocados has grown rapidly in the last decade. Mexico, Peru, Chile and Spain are the main exporters of raw avocados. The huge demand for avocados brought supply challenges to Europe but also the solution: the prepared avocado products industry.


From natural pulps and guacamoles to dices and halves, if you are planning to buy wholesale avocado, here you will learn why prepared avocado products are the best option for you.

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1. The shelf life of prepared avocado products, even without preservatives, is much longer.

Once ripe, an avocado can last maximum 3 days, even when refrigerated. Thanks to HPP technology (a type of cold press process) prepared avocado products can last up to 2 years frozen and 70 days refrigerated. The best part is, they do not need any preservatives or additives, so the natural flavor and structure remain intact.

2. You do not have to worry about choosing the right avocados
Even if you buy avocados in bulk, there will always be some unusable ones due to transportation or refrigeration problems. Buying ready-to-go products, like pulps or guacamole, ensures perfect quality of the entire order.


3. Reduced manual labor
Instead of cutting, peeling, removing the seed, scooping out and smashing each avocado for your recipe, you just have to pour it out of the bag.

Source: WikiHow – how to make creamy guacamole

4. Reduced waste
When buying raw avocados the waste level is 40% to 50%. You can avoid this with ready-to-go avocado products since you can make use of 100% of it.

Source: Chipotle – Reducing waste

5. No Price fluctuations
Raw avocados have weekly price fluctuations, making it impossible to predict. You can avoid this by buying prepared avocado products, since they have stable pricing, making it easy to plan a year-round supply for your business.

Source: Avocado Price Reach Record Highs. But What Is Causing Avo Prices To Spike?



Remember these 5 key reasons the next time you look for an avocado or fruit supplier and make the most of your cash flow, avoid losses and boost your business.


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